February 2 2020 tarot

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You have an underlying sense that there are things outstanding and much to get on with, but shoring up your social life is a very good place to start.

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The full Moon in your sign on the 8th is a definite occasion you can think of as your winter birthday — a date to circle in red. Altogether one of the best times in your whole year for a party, so best to let pleasure be its own therapy. Times of transition can be tiring, but the position you are in now also offers scope for future freedom. While you may not feel like tripping the light or in the mood for a mad social whirl, you can sit back soberly and appraise your prospects and decide what to do next.

You have the potential to shape events now and by putting all your energies into the fight, you could prove a great deal, if only to yourself.

If it feels like your January is limping to a close, take heart, as an injection of vigour arrives mid-month to sustain and propel you into next year. This is perhaps not unusual for you, but the special space you occupy allows you to achieve long-term lightness.

This present mood proves to be no three-day wonder, so start your imagination spinning now and get a ringside seat to watch it all come true. This is a time to put some distance between you and the downs, looking up and appreciating what you have. Everyone occasionally has hurts and regrets that take a while to recover from, and things that you wished had worked out some other way.

Mars enters Sagittarius.

Tarot for February 2020: The Temperance card

Jan 5, , Mars Chiron. Tell us your birthday and we will reveal your zodiac sign!

Check Your Special Horoscope. Places are limited and preference may be given to those who can commit to the series.


Discover how to use Tarot as an everyday tool to help guide and transform your life. Join Simon James as he provides a modern take on the Tarot as a way to gain personal insight and spiritual meaning in your day to day lives.

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2020 Election – Tarot Reading – Part 1

Discover how to use the Tarot deck to …. The art of the Tarot is the story of the heart told by the reasoning mind. Perhaps figure out what YOUR lucky colour is.. Maybe your Life Path number should be taken into account.. Find some means to honor the fact that you are a spirit-loved member of our universe, and therefore deserve the positive aspects of your Chinese Zodiac!

The Chinese Zodiac is based on the Lunisolar Calendar. This calendar considers both the solar year and the moon phases.

February 2, Calendar with Holidays & Count Down - USA

They found that, while most years have 12 months, that a 13th month is experienced every second or third year. Our seven days of the week have been named after the Five Classical Planets, and the Chinese Zodiac Elements are all connected to them.

Omitting the Earth and Moon, they arrived at the associated elements which signify the remaining Five Classical Planets. The actual Celestial Circle takes Look for your birthday in the follow list, and click on your animal for your personal interpretation! Free Tarot Reading.

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