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This is the reason many astrologers take lagna chart ascendant into consideration for this yoga. Gaj Kesari Yoga effect or gajakesari yoga benefits.


Who is born with Jupiter moon Yoga destroys enemies, like a lion kills. The person attains governing position. The word Guru in Sanskrit means big, large, and heavy.

கஜகேசரி யோகம் - Gaja kesari yogam - Kaja kesari yogam - Guru Chandran based yogam

Why this combination is so auspicious:. Jupiter is most benefic planet in vedic astrology and Jupiter exalted in Cancer. Moon is lord of cancer becomes highly benefic for Jupiter and both are great friends with same kind of behaviour, pure hearted nature which conveys easy fortune to individual. Moon which directly governs our man mind and knows for silver spoon, silver spoon mean is our luck so planet of luck and expansion if together then great heights in life.

Even Jupiter also knows for wisdom, destiny. Millions are people having this yoga but all are not benefited gajakesari yoga chart , reason is simple some certain condition which only founds in hundreds of charts in millions get heights of this greatest yoga of astrology.

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Many gajakesari yoga calculator present in the market which also give confusion to learners. Gajakesari yoga and its effects or Gajakesari yoga effect: If this yoga aspect by sun then gives more powerful results in early age of life with administrative and government power. You can find this gajakesari yoga horoscope in many peoples charts. Gajakesari yoga in different houses. This placement gives all around success and very stable life and native with great fame, great skills, success, wealth and many other things. These peoples all works performs automatically or I can say some good forces work for these peoples but yes above said my conditions should be fulfil then this this yoga gives good results, this conjunction should be close in degree.


Gaja Kesari Yoga in 4 th house: This is natural house of moon and Jupiter also delights in this house because Jupiter reaches exaltation in cancer sign so this is again very good placement to achieve success in easy way in the life. Gaja kesari or Jupiter moon conjunction in 4 th house gives many houses, vehicles and huge wealth in life. Please advice. If yes What is the Percentage and strength of gajkeshri yoga if present in my kundali? Is there a gajkesari Yog in my kundli?

Kindly let me know. Mayura kale my dob is 24 th march,time2. Sir, D. Gender:Male is there possibility of Gajkeshari yoga? Please help me Sir ….. Yogeshwari born on karnataka bangalore. You have but bit less effective as you have in 6th house from Lagna. But consider moon Lagna it has effective. Overall You will have positive results.

Gajakesari Yoga – A misquoted yoga – Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar

Guru chandra combination in lagna. Is it leads to gajakesari yoga? Hi sir, I want to know if gajakesari yoga is there or not and also when will it works.

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Place:dharmavaram A. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gaja' means elephant and 'kesari' means lion. Another meaning of 'kesari' is saffron.


Why it is a Raaj Yoga? The Cardinal Houses are the First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth; if an astrological chart shows a preponderance of planets in these houses, its energy is weighted toward cardinality. Cardinal Signs are the. This word means first, and comes from the Latin cardinalis, with the meaning of principal or pivotal.

gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil Gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil
gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil Gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil
gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil Gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil
gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil Gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil
gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil Gajakesariyogam astrology in tamil

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