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Sheila Richmond Salvete! Monday Do culture on Quia.

Cambridge Latin Course 2 Student's Book: Bk. II

Go over Stage 5 objectives. Wednesday Socrative. Thursday Socrative. Friday GimKit. Do About the language 2 , p. Monday GimKit. Vocabulary quiz — matching. Do Language activities on Cambridge Elevate. Tuesday GimKit. Vocabulary quiz — definitions. Make note card. Wednesday Test over Stages Thursday Halloween activity. Friday Socrative. Read pp. Go over Stage 6 objectives. Friday Read pp.

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2 5 Edition What's changed? Draft

Go over Stage 16 objectives. Check worksheet. Review verb tenses and go over pluperfect tense. Socrative — verbs. Wednesday Conjugate and translate a verb. Thursday Conjugate and translate a verb. Friday Conjugate and translate a verb.

March 18th - 22nd

Know the three rules for translating infinitives in indirect statements. Know main verbs and how to translate them. Guiding Questions Give an example of a direct statement. Give an example of an indirect statement. What are the elements of an indirect statement in Latin? Give 5 examples of main verb types in English and Latin. What case will the subject of the infinitive be in an indirect statement?

How are present active and passive infinitives translated in an indirect statement? When are they NOT translated this way? Sample Sentences Scit me te laudare. Sciet me te laudare. Sciebat me te laurdare.

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Scivit me to laudare. Scit me laudari. Sciet me laudari. Sciebat me laudari. Scivit me laudari. I will provide the four principal parts of 4 verbs.

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  6. I will include their English meaning. Your job is to create all the infinitives and write their meaning.

    Latin I - 1st Period CHS

    It is necessary for me to go. Test Th. Please attend next week's block Wed. We will also start talking about themes for Trick or Treat Street. List words and phrases you need to study and start learning them. I will collect your lists and ask you questions about the story.

    Use this link for your work those days. Remember to take notes. Hand in your notes at the end of the period. You need to read over the 4 index cards we have made for the subjunctive. These are: Overview of the Moods - Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive; How to form and identify the imperfect subjunctive, active and passive voice; How to form and identify the perfect and pluperfect subjunctive, active and passive voice. We will complete a worksheet together in class, so it is imperative that you read over your cards tonight.

    Sit in test rows and do your best to finish. Hand in your scantron and test at the end of class. You will form the groups we discussed in class on Monday. When you hand this in at the end of the Block period, staple them together with the best paper on top and all the names listed on that paper. Group Final Groups will be assigned by Ms.

    LiCalsi If you are absent on the day of the final, you will have to take it alone. Split this assignment over 2 nights Work on pompa the night of December 8 and work on navis sacra the night of Dec. Be ready to present your section of these stories assigned to groups in class. By now you should have submitted your vocabulary lists for these stories. Read opening Stage 15 Model sentences as well as the first story. Use Cambridge online and be ready to discuss the story. It will be due on Thursday, Oct. You may write a song, act in a skit, create an art piece, but whatever you choose, it must accomplish the following. Portray a characterization of Rufilla, Salvius, Quintus, and any other characters who make an appearance in Stage Are you writing and singing a song? Playing a musical piece of your own composition?

    Are you acting? Are you filming? Are you drawing? Do you have a different idea? Class time for working on this will be Tuesday and Friday next week. You will present on Monday, October List all verbs in these stories and translate them. This is due on Monday, Sept.

    We started in class. Use Cambridge online! I know the different forms of the verb "to arrive" advenit with and without a macron over the "e" advenire: the infinitive, to arrive adveniebat: the imperfect tense, he was arriving. Print out the last page. Parents sign. You sign. Buy supplies and bring everything to class.

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